Fact Checking Policy

We at our website (IHMSHIMLA.ORG) are committed to provide you with Reliable, genuine and Updated Information on each and every topic. We have designed our Fact Checking Policy in such a way that no stone is left unturned to provide you with accurate information including all facts. We strive to adhere to the Highest Standards of Journalism and are fully open for all the review and correction in our information. You should check the different processes of Fact Checking which are done before publishing the content on our website.

Verification Process

While Publishing the content, our team is committed to go through the strong verification process which includes cross checking, checking the official data, surveys and checking the reliability of sources as well. Once all the conditions are satisfied, after that we deliver the content to you.

Primary Sources Of Information

All the information is collected mostly from reliable sources including official websites, Interviews or Statements from authorities. We also strive to check multiple sources of information and go to the origin of information to provide you with accurate content and information.

Correction & Updates In Information

If any inaccuracy or wrong information is found in the article, we immediately provide the required corrections and strict action is taken against the source for providing misleading information. Moreover, all the updates and corrections are provided in the starting of the content for the ease of our readers. It helps us to inform you about the nature of correction and reason behind the corrections.


We strongly adhere and are committed towards our Transparency in Fact Checking Process. If any of our readers have doubts or questions related to our sources and accuracy of content, they are advised to email our editorial team at [email protected]. Open Feedback and Corrections are welcomed from our readers. You will respond to your query in the fastest time.

Non Partisanship

We want to inform you that Our Fact Checking Process is Impartial and Non Partisan policy is implied. We are committed to provide you all the information without any bias and strictly adhere to the principles of Journalism Integrity.

Fact Checking Requests

All the Readers are invited to send Fact Checking Requests for any information available on our Website. Make sure you send reliable sources, detailed information and context in the support of your claim. After that, we will identify and investigate your claim in the deep. If found correct, your request will be approved and required changes will be implemented.

Editorial Independence

We and our team are totally independent in doing Fact Checking. No external influences which include advertisers and sponsors affect our content. We strive to ensure accuracy, fairness and editorial independence in our Content. 

Continuous Improvement

Our Fact Checking Process and its SOPs go through different modes and we strive to improve it in this changing world. Moreover, strict training and best practices are taught to our team so that no stone is left unturned in providing accurate information. Also, if you wish to add some additions in our Fact Checking process then you can contact us through Email on [email protected].