Extra $312 For SSI Payment July 2024: Know Eligibility & Payment Date 

Social Security Administration offer benefits to the U.S. Citizens so that they can cope up with Inflation and High living Costs. The U.S. Government’s  Social Security Administration provides Supplemental Security Income for the disabled and low Income citizens.  These SSI Payments help the eligible individuals to pay off their expenditures and live a peaceful and stress free life. In 2024, there is news that extra $312 will be paid to the SSI beneficiaries in July. Let’s know the reality behind the Extra $312 For SSI Payment July 2024 with its Eligibility and the Payment Dates for 2024. We will discuss the income limits and resources limits to be Qualified and also we will see the disability and residency rules for this payment. 

Extra $312 For SSI Payment July 2024

Supplemental Security Income is designed for the low income citizens and disabled people who can’t perform any work. The SSI is the source of income for these beneficiaries. If this $312 Extra news will be true then the beneficiaries will get an extra amount with their SSI Payments. This Extra amount will solve the financial problems of the beneficiaries. In this Post we will discuss the Extra $312 For SSI Payment July 2024 and with that we will know the criteria for selection and facts for this extra payment. We will see the Payment Dates for SSI benefit for this year.

Extra $312 For SSI Payment July 2024

SSI Payment July 2024- Overview 

TitleExtra $312 For SSI Payment July 2024 
Year 2024
Name of the OrganizationSocial Security Administration
Type of the BenefitSSI Supplemental Security Income
Extra $312 SSI Payment Eligibility 2024 Disabled and low income citizens of U.S.A
Extra Benefit Amount$312
Extra $312 SSI Payment Date 2024Check Post 
Official Web portalwww.ssa.gov

Extra $312 SSI Payment Eligibility 2024

The Criteria for selection depends on certain parameters such as income, resources, medical conditions and residency. These parameters will determine the suitability criteria for the SSI Payments. The Extra $312 will be received by the Supplemental Security Income recipients. So the candidate must be eligible for the SSI Benefit to receive Extra $312. Let’s see the SSI selection criteria to know Extra $312 SSI Payment Eligibility 2024

  • U.S. residency is a must for the qualification.
  • Here are the resources limits for the SSI Payment Benefit: 
Status of CitizenResources Limit 
Individuals $2000
  • Here are the Income Limits for the SSI Payment Benefit. The Non Work Sources may include the pensions or unemployment. The married couple’s income should be combined together. 
Status of CitizenSource of IncomeMonthly Income Limit 
Individuals From Job$1971
IndividualsFrom Non- work Sources $963
CouplesFrom Job$2915
CouplesFrom Non- work Sources $1435
  • Individuals with age 65 Years or more than this will be qualified for the SSI Benefit.
  • U.S. Citizenship must be the residency status to get SSI benefits.
  • The citizens who have an arrest warrant and are in imprisonment and the citizen who is in Public Institution will not receive SSI Benefits. 
  • If the recipient of SSI is absent from the U.S.A for continuous 30 days or more will not receive SSI Benefits. 
  • The disabled citizen can get SSI whether the disabled citizen is an adult or a child. 
  • The disability rules for the disabled citizen are that they can’t perform any work for one year or more. 
  • If the citizen is disabled and also working then the income limits are also prescribed by SSA. Check these income limits given in below table:
Status of Medical ConditionMonthly Income Limits 
Disability and Blindness$2590 

Extra $312 SSI Payment Date 2024

The schedule for the payments are available on the official web page of social security. The payments for the SSI Benefits are paid to the beneficiaries as per this schedule only. The Extra $312 SSI Payment will be also provided to the beneficiaries as per this schedule only. If the beneficiaries do not receive SSI Payment as per the payment plan then they should wait for three days. Check the Extra $312 SSI Payment Date 2024

Month of PaymentDate of Payment
For the month April 1st April
For the month May1st May and 31st May
For the month June31st May
For the month July1st July
For the month August1st August and 30th August
For the month September30th August
For the month October1st October
For the month November1st November and 29th November
For the month December29th November and 31st December 

Fact Check- Extra $312 For SSI Payment July 2024

This Extra $312 For SSI Payment is not approved and confirmed. As there is no update or notification issued by the SSA. We can’t rely on such rumours without verified notification. We recommend SSI Beneficiaries not believe such news and also we advise them to check the official web pages for latest updates and news. 

FAQ Related To Extra $312 For SSI Payment July 2024

How can we apply for Extra $312 SSI Payment 2024?

No application forms are opened for this payment. The SSI Beneficiaries will automatically get this payment after the official notification.

How to know Payment Dates for SSI Benefits? 

Check the given schedule for payment in the above post.

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