Canada GST Increase 2024 – Check Amount Of Increase By CRA

The inhabitants of Canada have received their July 2024 Canada GST Credit payment; however, the amount of the payment that was previously provided has changed. The Canada GST Increase Payment 2024 has been credited to the accounts; accounts that have not received the payments will take up to 10 business days to show the payments. The article that is shown below allows you to check the Canada GST Increase 2024. To assist everyone who falls below the poverty line and is impacted by inflation, a lack of resources, and income, the Canada Revenue Agency is constantly taking action. Under the heading of the Goods and Services Tax and the Harmonized Sales Tax, the CRA has included a provision saying that citizens who have paid their taxes on time would receive a tax rebate after they qualify according to Canada GST Increase Eligibility Criteria 2024. Everyone with modest incomes benefits from this tax decrease, which also lessens the financial load on low-income families. If you fall into one of the low-income categories and are determined to be qualified, the money will be transferred to you automatically.

Canada GST Increase 2024 - Check Amount Of Increase

Canada GST Increase 2024

According to reports, citizens received their Canada GST Increase 2024, and this information is accurate. The payment date for the Canada Extra GST was extended to July 5, 2024, and the amount due has increased. For single recipients, the beneficiaries received $519, while married couples received payouts totalling $680. If the child is less than 19, they are now eligible to earn $179. The beneficiaries’ marital status determines the Canada GST Increase Payment Amount 2024, which is paid out every quarter month. To receive the benefit, you do not need to apply; if you are approved, you will receive the whole amount. In certain instances, beneficiaries will need to apply to receive the benefit amount. If you are determined to be eligible and belong to one of the low-income groups, the money will be transferred to you automatically. Benefits are instantly deposited into the accounts and are awarded based on the candidate’s category. You may learn more about the Canada GST Increase Payment 2024 that has already been made available to citizens by reading this article. 

Who Is Eligible For Canada GST Increase Checks 2024? 

Check the following points to know about the Canada GST Increase Eligibility Criteria 2024.

  • If you reside in Canada, the amount will be credited to you.
  • The beneficiary’s income must fall below the designated thresholds.
  • The beneficiary has to be at least 19 years old.
  • Each parent will get the same amount of money if they split child custody.
  • The parents will receive remuneration for their child who is under 19 years old.

CRA GST/HST Rebate Increase 2024

ProgramCRA GST/HST Rebate Increase 2024
Overseen ByCanada Revenue Agency 
Ultimate Beneficiaries Low-income households who have paid taxes 
Canada GST Increase Deposit Dates 2024 5th July 2024
Payment Frequency Quarterly 
Payment amount before July 2024$496 for singles and $650 for couples 
Increased Payment $519 for singles and $680 for married couples 
Official Website 

Canada GST Increase Amount 2024

The below-scheduled table will provide you with the increased GST amounts for singles, married couples, and children. The amount given below will show the amounts before July 2024 and the amounts from July 2024 to July 2025.

CategoriesCanada GST Increase Amount Before July 2024Canada GST Increase Amount 2024 (After July 2024)
Married Couples$650$680
Children under 19 years$171$179

Canada GST/HST Payment Schedule 2024

The data given below will provide the anticipated dates for the Canada GST Increase Deposit Checks Schedule 2024 which is quarterly. Check out the dates below to know the check schedule for 2024-2025.

PaymentsCanada GST/HST Payment Schedule 2024
First Payment5th July 2024
Second Payment4th October 2024
Third Payment3rd January 2025
Fourth Payment4th April 2025

How To Apply Online Canada GST Increase Payment 2024

To apply for the payment amount, candidates must go to the official website at The actions listed below need to be taken to Apply Online Canada GST Increase Payment 2024:

  1. Check out, the official website.
  2. To create an ID, enter your details when the page opens.
  3. Complete the application form by entering your password and ID.
  4. Fill out the application completely and accurately.
  5. Upload the relevant files that the form asks for now.
  6. Once you file the paperwork, the CRA will examine your application..

Canada GST Increase 2024: Disclaimer

Fact Check: True 

  • For every child under the age of 19, Canadians without children will get $179; married or common-law partner couples will receive up to $680; and single individuals will receive up to $519.
  • In 2024, January 5, April 5, July 5, and October 4 are the due dates for paying GST.
  • Even if you did not receive any income in the previous year, you still need to complete your 2023 tax return to be eligible for the credit.
  • The beneficiary has to be at least 19 years old.

FAQs On Canada GST Increase 2024

Is July 2024 the correct date for the Canada Extra GST Payment?

It is accurate to say that benefits have already been received and that payments have increased.

What is the July 2024 Extra GST Payment Date for Canada?

The beneficiaries received the cash on July 5, 2024.

What is the 2024 GST Payment Amount Increase for Canada?

For singles, the additional amount is $519; for married couples, it is $680; and for children, it is $179.

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