Canada Minimum Wage Increase July 2024: All Provinces Wage Rates Check

The minimum wage rate is the guaranteed payment which the employees working in the private and public sector are entitled to get. The Canada Minimum Wage Increase July 2024 has been in news and it can be said that each province is planning to increase the rates of wages every hour of working which the beneficiaries are entitled to get. The employees have the rights to reach the heights and for this purpose, the CRA has decided to provide an increase in the wage rates which is payable to the citizens. The increase may not be just financially but will motivate the people to work even more. Each province has provided different hourly wage rates and you shall have a look at the article to get the necessary details on the Increase in Wage Rate which will be applicable in July 2024.

Canada Minimum Wage Increase July 2024

The Government of Canada has been providing the guaranteed wage rates to the citizens where they have been getting the payments on hourly basis. The beneficiaries who are working in Government as well as private sectors are eligible for the wages on the hourly basis. For some these payments may not be enough and for those citizens, the Government has decided to provide an increase in the wage rates to motivate the citizens to work more and this will be a huge financial support to them. The increase in the wage rates can be expected from $16.65 per hour to $17.30 per hour. This increase in the wage rate is stated to begin from July 2024 onwards but we don’t have the exact date as to when this will be applicable from.

Inflation is the main reason leading to the Canada Minimum Wage Increase 2024 and due to 3.9% increase in inflation, there has been a decision to raise the minimum wage rates. Each province provides the different rates of wages per hour to the beneficiaries and some provinces have yet not increased the wage rates for the citizens and this is applicable to ones who are of age 18 years or above. There are certain cases when an employer has to deduct the payments making it the amount of taxes or insurance. This wage increase will be beneficial for the lowest paid workers and this post will help the citizens with the new amounts of wages which will be applicable now.

Canada Minimum Wage Increase July 2024 Minimum Wage Rates 2024

The hourly payment for the work done by the employees is the Minimum Wage Rate which they are entitled to get. Due to inflation, there has been a provision to increase the wage rate but the same has not been stated by the Government. The minimum wage which one will get is $17.40 per hour. 

Post Title Canada Minimum Wage Increase July 2024
Organization Canadian Government 
Country Canada 
Benefit Minimum wages 
Minimum rate $17.40 per hour 
Reason for increase Inflation 
Provided by Provincial Government 
Frequency of wage Hourly 
Post type Finance

Reason For Canada Minimum Wage Increase July 2024 

  • The Canadian Government has been providing the minimum wages to the citizens at the rate of $17.40 per hour.
  • The wages are increased due to inflation and the interest rates which are increasing on a monthly basis.
  • Inflation is making it very difficult for survival and for this reason, the Government has decided to make an increase in the rates of the wages.
  • Various economic reports have also suggested that there shall be an increase in the wages and this will motivate the beneficiaries to work even more.

Canada Minimum Wages 2024- Province Wise

Province Wage Rate Effective From 
Alberta $151 October 2018
British Columbia $17.401 June 2024
Manitoba $15.301 October 2023
New Brunswick $15.301 April 2024
NewFoundland $15.601 April 2024
Northwest Territory $16.051 September 2023
Nova Scotia $15.201 April 2024
Nunavut $191 January 2024
Ontario  $16.551 October 2024
Prince Edward Island $15.401 April 2024
Quebec $15.751 May 2024
Saskatchewan $141 October 2023
Yukon $17.591 April 2024

Wage Rates For Alberta 2024

Date Rate Particulars 
26 June 2019$598 per week Salesperson 
26 June 2019$2848 per month Domestic employees 
26 June 2019$13 per hour Students under 18 years employed up to 28 hours in a week 

British Columbia Wage Rates 

Date Rate Particulars 
1 June 2024$3548.63 per month Resident caretakers 
1 June 2024$129.62 per day Live in home support workers 
1 June 2024$138.93 per day Live in camp leaders 

New Brunswick Wage Rates 2024

Date Rate Particulars 
1 April 2023$649 per week Counselor and program staff who are employed at residential summer camp 
1 April 2023$649 per week Employees whose working hours in a week can’t be verified 

Wage Rates 2024 for Nova Scotia 

Date Rate Particulars 
1 April 2023$19.67Early childhood educators 
1 October 2023$14.65Logging and forestry 
1 April 2023$15Logging and forestry
1 April 2023$22.91Early childhood educators  Level 1, 2 and 3

Ontario Wage Rates 2024

Date Rate Particulars 
1 October 2023$15.60Students minimum wage  
1 October 2023$16.55Liquor services 
1 October 2023$18.20Homeworkers wage 
1 October 2023$82.85Hunting and fishing for less than 5 hours in a day 

FAQs On Canada Minimum Wage Increase July 2024

What is meant by Minimum wages of Canada?

The minimum wage states the per hour or per week payment which is paid for the work done by an employee.

How much is the minimum wage rate per hour?

The minimum wage rate is $17.40 per hour.

What is the reason leading to increase in wage rate?

The increase in wage rate is because of inflation and high interest rates.

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