USA CHIP Program 2024 – About, Eligibility, Amount & How To Apply

Children’s Health Insurance Program is the Health Coverage program which provides the health and dental coverage to the children up to 19 years. This program is made for the low income families children whose income is too high for the medicaid and also they can’t afford the private health coverages. This CHIP is funded by the State Government and Federal Government. Some of the CHIP Programs also offer health coverage to the pregnant ladies but this depends on the state to state. In this post we will cover the USA CHIP Program 2024 with its Eligibility and how families can apply for this program for their children. Let’s know this Children’s Health Insurance Program in detail. 

USA CHIP Program 2024

USA CHIP Program 2024 is designed for the Children’s who can’t afford the private health coverages and their income is too high for the medicaid. This CHIP Program provides dental and medical coverage to children whose age is 19 Years or less. This program provides medical coverage to uninsured children and some states also offer this CHIP program for pregnant women. We will understand what will be covered in this CHIP Program and who will get qualified for this CHIP Program. We will also see the methods to apply for this CHIP Program. We will also Check CHIP costs in this post. Find more information and updates about the CHIP Program on and state official web pages. 

USA CHIP Program 2024

USA CHIP Program 2024- Overview 

TitleUSA CHIP Program 2024
CountryUnited States of America
Name of the ProgramChildren’s Health Insurance Program
Funded ByFederal and State Governments
ObjectiveHealth Coverage to low families
USA CHIP Program Eligibility 2024Children up to 19 years

USA CHIP Program Eligibility 2024

USA CHIP Program Eligibility 2024 is determined by income, age, number of members in a family, disability, pregnancy and citizenship. Each U.S. State had distinct criteria for Qualification. Here we will discuss the common criteria applicable to all U.S. States. Check the Criteria for the CHIP Program:

  • The household’s members income must be lower than the prescribed limits. Each U.S. state has different income limit criteria. To know the income limit of your state check the official web page of your state. The earning limit is determined by the member size in one household. The combined income of each member must be lower than the limits prescribed.
  • There are two types of citizens qualified for this program. This means that the Children and Pregnant Women are Qualified for the CHIP Program.
  • Some states also have other rules for disabled children. Here check the Children Eligibility and Children’s Non- Eligibility:
Children’s EligibilityNon- Eligible Children
Under the age 19 Years.Uninsured Citizen of U.S.AMeet Immigration requirements.Resident of State in which he/she is livingMeet income limit as per state rules Cover up to at least 200% of Federal Poverty Line  Mental Disease PatientGetting other state benefits for Health CoveragePublic Institution Inmates 
  • Let’s know the eligibility for the Pregnant ladies:
Cover up to at least 185% of Federal Poverty LineProvides Coverage for Prenatal, Delivery and Postpartum CareInfants born are automatically eligible for CHIP Program without any application processThis CHIP coverage is given to infants for one year.

CHIP Program Coverage

Here we provide a list of coverages that are included in the CHIP Program for children.

Routine Check upsDoctor VisitsDental CareVision CareEmergency ServicesPrescriptionsLaboratory and X-Ray ServicesImmunizationsImpatient and Outpatient Hospital Care 

How to Apply for CHIP Program 2024?

The citizens can apply for this CHIP Program any time they want. After the Qualification and Application the program can be started immediately. Check the steps and methods to apply for this CHIP Program 2024:

  • The candidate can contact 1-800-318-2596 or TTY 1-855-889-4325.
  • The candidate can contact the state medical agency for the CHIP Program.
  • The candidate can register with the Health Insurance Marketplace. This agency sees the eligible members of your household and sends the information to your State Agency. Your State Agency will contact you for enrollment. These are the methods to apply for the CHIP Program 2024.

CHIP Program Cost

The Cost for the CHIP Program is different in each U.S. State. Well Under the CHIP Program Routine and Dental Visits are free. But the Copayments and the monthly premiums are charged in some states. The CHIP Program Cost will not be above than 5% of Family Annual Income. 

FAQ Related To USA CHIP Program 2024

Is the CHIP Program available in every U.S. state?

Yes, the CHIP Program is available in every U.S. state but the names for the program can be different.

Can CHIP Coverage be renewed?

Yes, CHIP Coverage can be renewed. The responsible authorities will send the renewal notice before the coverage ends.

How is CHIP Differ from Medicaid?

The CHIP Program is only for the low income children’s and pregnant women but Medicaid includes the Children’s, seniors, pregnant women, disabled citizens.

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