$1,682.80 Carer Payment Australia July 2024 – Check Eligibility & Payout Dates

Carer Payments are the payments which are made to the Australian Citizens who provide constant care to another citizen. These Carer payments are made fortnightly and those who need care for 6 months or more can get this carer payment. Someone who gets these carer payments at the age pension will need to include these payments in their tax returns. In 2024, there is news about the $1,682.80 Carer Payment. Let’s know the reality of this payment and we will see who can get this payment. Let’s Know more about $1,682.80 Carer Payment Australia July 2024 in this post. 

$1,682.80 Carer Payment Australia July 2024

Carer Payments are designed to help the individuals who are in need of the care and they are not able to perform tasks for a long period of time. The carer who cares for that person will get this Carer Payment as a financial assistance from the Government. Those individuals who are highly in need of the care for 6 months and more will be eligible for the Carer Payments. In this article we will see the $1,682.80 Carer Payment Australia July 2024 with the eligibility criteria, income limits, age criteria and many more details. Check the servicesaustralia.gov.au webportal for more in depth details and knowledge. 

$1,682.80 Carer Payment Australia July 2024

Australia Carer Payment 2024- Overview

Title$1,682.80 Carer Payment Australia July 2024
Name of the PaymentCarer Payment
Australia Carer Payment Eligibility 2024Couples or Married Individuals 
ObjectiveFinancial Aid
Frequency of the PaymentFortnightly 
Carer Payment Amount 2024$1682.80
Official Web portalservicesaustralia.gov.au 

$1,682.80 Carer Payment Australia Eligibility 2024

The Suitability  Criteria for Carer Payment determined by the parameters such as residency rules, income limits, asset test, and care needs. Here is the Australia Carer Payment Eligibility 2024:-

  • Here is the Carer Income limits per Fortnight: 
RulesStatusIncome per FortnightAmount will reduced by 
Standard Rules SingleUp to $212$0
Standard RulesSingleOver $212 50 cents for each above dollar 
Standard RulesMarried and seperated due to ill Health  Up to $372$0
Standard RulesMarried and seperated due to ill Health  Over $372 50 cents for each above dollar 
Transitional RulesSingleUp to $212$0
Transitional RulesSingleOver $212 40 cents for each above dollar 
Transitional RulesMarried and seperated due to ill Health  Up to $372$0
Transitional RulesMarried and seperated due to ill Health  Over $37240 cents for each above dollar 
  • These are the assets limits for the carer: 
Limit forStatusHomeownerNon Homeowner
Full Pension Receiver Single$314000$566000
Full Pension Receiver Couple$470000$722000
Full Pension Receiver Couple Separated$470000$722000
Full Pension Receiver Couple, 1 Qualify only$470000$722000
Part Pension Receiver Single$686250$938250
Part Pension Receiver Couple$1031000$1283000
Part Pension Receiver Couple Separated$1214500$1466500
Part Pension Receiver Couple, 1 Qualify only$1031000$1283000
Transitional Rates Single$621750$873750
Transitional RatesCouple$966500$1218500
Transitional RatesCouple Separated$1085500$1337500
Transitional RatesCouple, 1 Qualify only$966500$1218500
  • These are the Income and Asset Test for the individual you are providing care: 
Income Before Tax $135,640
Asset $836,750
  • These are the Residency Rules for the Carer and for the individual you are providing care: 
CarerWhom You are providing Care
Live in AustraliaPhysically present in AustraliaAustralian Residentship Live in AustraliaAustralian Residentship 
  • The care must be for the continuous 6 months.
  • If you are caring for those who are at their last stage of life then you are eligible to get this payment amount.
  • The things that can be included in care are physical care, Guidance, support and Supervision. 
  • The individuals who receive DVA Payment will not get the Carer Payment. 

Carer Payment Amount 2024

The Australia Carer Payment Amount 2024 is based on the individual status. The $1682.80 will be received by the couples who care for another partner. These payment amounts are reviewed by the Department of Social Services on 20th March and 20th September of every year.  Here are the payments amount which will be received in 2024 by distinct category individuals. 

Rates per FortnightSingleEach CoupleCombined CoupleCouple Separated due to ill health
Maximum Basic Rate$1020.60$769.30$1,538.60$1020.60
Maximum Pension Supplement$81.60$61.50$123.00$81.60
Energy Supplement $14.10 $10.60$21.20$14.10 
Total $1,116.30$841.40$1,682.80 $1116.30

Fact Check- $1,682.80 Carer Payment Australia July 2024

This $1,682.80 Carer Payment Australia July 2024 is approved and confirmed. These payments are only for the individuals whose status is married. The married couple will get this amount when one partner cares for another partner for continuous 6 months. This Carer payment amount is reliable and this amount is received by the eligible individuals fortnightly. Check the official web portal, servicesaustralia.gov.au for more updates and information. 

FAQ Related To Australia $1,682.80 Carer Payment July 2024

What if the circumstances get changed?

If circumstances of carer or the individual whom you are providing care get changed then you need to contact the services australia within 14 days with the help of mygov account. 

How to Cancel the Carer Payment?

You can contact Disability, Sickness or carer lines or can visit service centres to cancel the carer payment.

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