Canada Extra GST Payment July 2024: Check Deposit Schedule & Amount

The payment for the month of July 2024 under the Canada GST/HST Credit 2024 has been released to the citizens but there has been a change in the amount of the payments which was earlier given. The Canada Extra GST Payment July 2024 has been credited in the accounts and the ones who haven’t got the payments will take up to 10 business days for the payments to reflect in their accounts. The Check deposit date was 5 July 2024 and the increased amounts can be checked through the article which has been presented below.

Canada Extra GST Payment July 2024

The Canada Revenue Agency is continuously taking measures by helping all the individuals who live below the poverty line and are suffering due to inflation and lack of income and resources. The CRA has made the provision stating the citizens who have paid their taxes in time will be given a tax rebate under the name of Goods and Services Tax and the Harmonized Sales Tax. This reduction in the amount of the taxes is provided to all those who have low income and it reduces the burden of low income group families.  The payment will be automatically transferred to you if you belong to the low income groups and are found eligible. The benefit is transferred in the accounts directly and the benefit will be provided as per the candidates category.

There has been news that Extra GST/HST Payment 2024 has been provided to the citizens in July 2024 and this fact is true. The Canada Extra GST Payment Date July 2024 on which payment was transferred on 5 July 2024 has come with an increased amount. The beneficiaries have got $519 if they are single individuals and the payments of $680 have been provided to the married couples. The child under the age of 19 years is eligible to get $179 from now onwards. The Canada Extra GST Payment Amount 2024 is affected by the marital status of the beneficiaries and is given in each quarter month. You need not apply to get the benefit as if you are found eligible, the payment will be all yours. In a few cases, the beneficiaries will have to apply in order to get the benefit amount. This post will help you get the details on the Extra payment of GST/HST which has been already released to the citizens.

Canada Extra GST Payment July 2024 Extra GST Payment 2024

There is no doubt that citizens will get an increased amount from now onwards and the increased payment has already been transferred also to the citizens. The payment is given to those who are 19 years or above in age and have paid the taxes. The benefit will be provided only with the Canada Extra GST Payment Amount 2024 which has been approved by the CRA.

Post Title Canada Extra GST Payment July 2024
Agency Name Canada Revenue Agency 
Benefit Name GST/HST Tax Credit 
Beneficiaries Low income households who have paid taxes 
Benefit Reduced the tax amount 
Eligibility criteria Age above 18 years 
Canada Extra GST Payment Date July 20245 July 2024
Payment frequency Quarterly 
Previous Payment amount $496 for singles and $650 for couples 
Increased Payment $519 for singles and $680 for married couples 
Payment status Released 
Post typeFinance

Canada Increased GST Payment 2024 

  • The candidates will be provided with the GST/HST Tax Credit if they belong to low income groups and have paid the taxes on time. 
  • The GST/HST payment is provided every quarter to the beneficiaries in order to reduce the burden of tax credits which is owed to the citizens.
  • Now the payment which the citizens will get has been increased for the period from July 2024 to July 2025.
  • The ones who are of age 19 years or above will be paid the Canada Extra GST Payment Amount 2024 and the payment has been transferred on 5 July 2024.
  • The net income and the marital status of the beneficiary will be the basis for the GST/HST payment.

Who Is Eligible For Canada Extra Payment July 2024?

  • The payment will be credited if you are living in Canada.
  • The income for the beneficiary shall be less than the threshold limits.
  • The recipient shall be 19 years or above in age.
  • The parents will get the equal amounts if they are sharing the custody of the child.
  • For the child whose age is less than 19 years, their payment will be given to parents.

New Amount Of GST/HST Credit 2024

Particulars Before July 20242024, July to 2025, June
Single $496$519
Married $650$680
Child under 19 years $171$179

Canada GST Check Deposit Schedule 2024

Particulars Canada Extra GST Payment Date July 2024
1st payment 5 July 2024
2nd payment 4 October 2024
3rd payment 3 January 2025
4th payment 4 April 2025

How Is GST/HST Credit Calculated?

The base year is used for the calculation of the payment amount. 

The payment period is of 12 months and it starts from July of any year and is taken till June for the very next year. 

The payment will be affected by marital status, number of children and the family’s income. 

FAQs On Canada Extra GST Payment July 2024

Is the fact on Canada Extra GST Payment July 2024 true?

Yes, the fact on the increased payment is completely true and the benefit has already been paid.

What is the Canada Extra GST Payment Date July 2024?

The payment was given to the beneficiaries on 5 July 2024.

What is the increased Canada GST Payment Amount 2024?

The increased amount is $519 for singles and $680 for married couples and $179 for children.

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