Centrelink $1,296.09 Advance Payout 2024: Check Eligibility & Payment Dates

The Australian Government offers various Centrelink Payments for the Financial Aid of the Citizens. These Payments are also made in advance by the Australian Government. Each Centrelink Payment has a distinct amount for Advance Payments. There is news for Centrelink $1,296.09 Advance Payment 2024. We will see this $1,296.09 amount is for which centrelink payment and we will discuss the eligibility criteria for that centrelink Payment. Also we will know the regular payment amounts for centrelink payments in this post. 

Centrelink $1,296.09 Advance Payment 2024

This Centrelink $1,296.09 Advance Payment 2024 is for the Family Tax Benefits Advance. The families who get the FTB can receive the advance payment. This advance payment will be paid if the FTB Part A Fortnightly Rate is the base rate for the one child. This advance payment is also based on the repayment and this repayment should not cause any financial hardship to the family. This Advance payment should be paid for one time and 7.5% is the rate for the payment and this 7.5% is from the Annual Rate. Up to $1,296.09 can be provided as one off advance payment to the eligible families. 

Centrelink $1,296.09 Advance Payment 2024

Australia Centrelink Benefit 2024- Overview 

TitleCentrelink $1,296.09 Advance Payment 2024
Name of the PaymentFamily Tax Benefit 
Centrelink $1,296.09 Advance Payment Eligibility 2024Eligible Families and Children 
ObjectiveFinancial Aid
Frequency of the PaymentFortnightly 
Centrelink Advance Payment Amount 2024$1,296.09
Official Web portalservicesaustralia.gov.au 

$1,296.09 Centrelink Advance Payment Eligibility 2024

The Suitability Criteria is determined by the income limits, residency rules of your and your children, age of the children, study requirements of the children. The Family Tax Benefit regular Eligibility is provided below. Also Check the Centrelink $1,296.09 Advance Payment Eligibility 2024 which is given below:

  • The Children’s age must be 0 to 15 years.
  • The Children whose age is 16 to 19 years must enrol in full time secondary study or must have acceptable study. 
  • Here are the residency rules for the applicant and the children:
Australian CitizenshipPermanent VisaholderSpecial Category VisaholderTemporary Visa which is Partner provisional or protection type visa.Australian CitizenshipPermanent VisaholderSpecial Category Visaholder
  • The applicant must care for the child for 35% of his/her time.
  • The newly residents must wait for one year to get this Family Tax Benefit Payment.
  • The child for whom you are applying for must meet the immunisation requirements. 
  • These are the limits for Income:
Income LimitDescription
$65,189 or lessWill get full Family Tax Benefit
$65,189 to $115,99720 Cents will be reduced for each dollar above $65,189
over $115,99730 Cents will be reduced for each dollar above $115,997
  • These are the Income Limits where the Base Rate will be paid.
Number of ChildrenAge of the ChildrenIncome Limit 
10- 12 Years$84845
113-15 years or 16-19 years $93550
20- 12 Years$104500
213-15 years or 16-19 years $113205 
  • The Advance Payment can be received after the 3 months of receiving any of the following Payments:
Age Pension, Carer Payment, Disability Support Pension, Farm Household Allowance, Job Seeker Payment, Parenting Payment, Youth Allowance for Job Seekers. 

Centrelink Advance Payment Amount 2024

Here we will see the regular and advance payment amounts for the Family Tax Benefit Part A. This includes the base rates, maximum rates and supplement rates for the Family Tax Benefits. Let’s see Centrelink Advance Payment Amount 2024:

  • The Fortnightly Base rate for the Family Tax Benefit is $71.26 per Children.
  • The Maximum Rates which can be paid for the FTB Part A are given in below table:
Age of ChildrenFortnightly Payment Amount
0- 12 Years$222.04
13- 15 Years$288.82
16- 19 Years$288.82
  • The Supplement Rates which can be paid for FTB Part A are given in below Table:
YearAnnual Supplement Rates 
2024- 2025$916.15
2023- 2024$879.65
  • The advances and one off Payment for the FTB Part A are given in the below table.
Payment NameRate Maximum Amount 
Regular Advance 3.75% of Standard Rate$1348.81
One Off Advance7.5% of Annual Rate $1296.09

Fact Check- Australia Centrelink $1,296.09 Advance Payment 2024

This Centrelink $1,296.09 Advance Payment 2024 is approved and confirmed. This Advance Payment is for the Family Tax Benefits Part A recipients. This advance will be received by the families for one time only. This advance repayment will not cause any financial disturbance in the life of citizens. Check the eligibility and payment amounts above. Also Candidates can go to servicesaustralia.gov.au/advancepayments for more updates and in depth information about centrelink Advance payments. 

FAQ Related To Centrelink $1,296.09 Advance Payment 2024 

How can individuals apply for Advance Payments in 2024?

Log in to mygov Account.
Select Apply for Advance option and check eligibility.
If you are Qualified then you can apply and the process will start and details will be sent to you. 

How to Repay the Advance Payments?

Every fortnight the individual repay the part of the advance payments. The advance repayment is repaid over 13 Fortnights.

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