$1,155 Snap Benefit July 2024: Check Your Eligibility, Payment Date

The Snap Benefit which is also known for the Food Stamp program is designed for the low income and fixed income citizens. This Food Stamp Program is providing the cash assistance to these beneficiaries to purchase the food items and Grocery Items. In 2024, there is news for the $1,155 Snap Benefit. We will see the reality of this $1,155 snap benefit amount and we will see the eligibility and payment dates for July 2024. Let’s know more details about $1,155 Snap Benefit July 2024 and also we will check the income limits, resource limits and state for this snap payment. 

$1,155 Snap Benefit July 2024

This $1,155 Snap Benefit July 2024 is for the citizens of District Columbia. The eligible citizens of this district will receive this payment amount every month through Electronic Benefit Transfer Cards. These cards are only allowed to be used in specified authorised stores to purchase the Grocery Items. This $1,155 payment will be made to that household who have only five members. Let’s know the suitability criteria for this $1,155 Snap benefit and also we will see the residency rules, income limits and resource limits for this payment. Check the payment dates and schedule for issuance of monthly benefits. 

$1,155 Snap Benefit July 2024

Snap Benefit July 2024- Overview 

Title$1,155 Snap Benefit July 2024
CountryUnited States Of America
Benefit NameSupplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Snap Benefit Eligibility 2024Low and Fixed Income people
Payment ModeElectronic Benefit Transfer Card
Snap Benefit Amount 2024$1,155
Another Name for programFood Stamp Program
Snap Benefit Payment Date July 2024Check Post 
Official Portalbenefits.gov 

$1,155 Snap Benefit Eligibility 2024

The Snap Benefits Eligibility is determined by the variables such as income limits, residency, household size, and resource limit. The $1,155 Snap Benefit Eligibility 2024 is given in below table: 

  • This $1,155 Snap benefit amount is for the District of Columbia. 
  • The household members must live together and purchase together to cook the meals together.
  • This $1,155 Snap Benefit amount is for the household families who have five members only. 
  • The resource limits are provided in the given table below:
StatusResource Limit 
Household with a person aged 60 years or more and with a person who has disability. $4250 
  • The income limits for this Snap Benefit is given below. The Gross monthly limits and net monthly limits should be followed by the households to get this benefit amount. 
Household Size Maximum Gross Monthly Income at 130% Federal Poverty Line Maximum Net Monthly Income at 200% Federal Poverty Line Maximum Gross Monthly Income at 100% Federal Poverty Line 
Each Additional Member $557$858$429

Snap Benefit Amount 2024

The Snap Benefit Amount 2024 for the District of Columbia are given in the below table. The amounts for the snap benefits are determined by the household size, income and resources of the household members. 

Household SizeSnap Benefit Amount 2024
Each Additional Member $219

$1,155 Snap Benefit Payment Date July 2024

In the District of Columbia the Snap Benefits are paid to the eligible citizens from 1st to 10th of every month. The payment dates for this Snap Benefit are based on the first letter of the candidate’s last name. Let’s Know the $1,155 Snap Benefit Payment Date July 2024

Name of U.S. DistrictSnap Benefit Payment Date July 2024
District of Columbia1st July to 10th July 

Snap Issuance Schedule July 2024 

First letter of the Candidate’s Last Name$1,155 Snap Benefit Payment Date July 2024
A,B1st July 2024
C2nd July 2024
D,E,F3rd July 2024
G,H4th July 2024
I,J,K5th July 2024
L,M6th July 2024
N,O,P,Q7th July 2024
R,S8th July 2024
T,U,V9th July 2024
W,X,Y,Z10th July 2024

Fact Check- $1,155 Snap Benefit July 2024

This $1,155 Snap Benefit July 2024 is approved and confirmed payment. This payment is made to the eligible citizens of District Columbia and this payment is scheduled for the household who have five members only. This payment will be made monthly till 30th September 2024. For more information and updates about the $1,155 Snap Benefit payment go to the official webpage of district columbia or visit page benefits.gov. 

FAQ Related To $1,155 Snap Benefit July 2024

How will this $1,155 Snap Benefit be transferred to the beneficiaries?

This $1,155 Snap Benefit will be transferred with the help of Electronic Benefit Transfer Card.

Who will receive this $1,155 Snap Benefit payment in July 2024?

The eligible citizens of District Columbia and those households who have five members only will get this $1,155 Snap Benefit Payment in July 2024.

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